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Global Platform on Dore!

If you are in the business of gold mining and refining, Global Gold Dore Forum is your best place to sell & source dore responsibly. GGDF aims at creating a truly global platform to enable selling and sourcing of gold dore.



Why Attend?

  • GGDF is uniquely designed to cater the needs of gold refiners & miners
  • GGDF aims to cater long term requirements of gold mines and refiners & hence will be an annual forum at various important destinations
  • Accra is our first stop considering that it is a hub for West African supplies
  • GGDF aims to get mid-scale & artisanal gold mines/dore exporters from all West African countries and DRC andTanzania. GGDF also aims to get suppliers from South America (like Peru, Colombia, Brazil)
  • GGDF aims to get gold refiners from India, UAE, Turkey & other countries